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5th Republic Series, The Thriller. Political intrigue set in current America.
Alacrity Fitzhugh and Hobart Floyt Series    Sci/Fi  Hobart Floyt and Alacrity Fitzhugh are on a dangerous interstellar quest.
Altered Creatures Epic Fantasy Adventures Fantasy.  A new world to Thorik Dain with magic, altered beasts, & battle-risen undead.
American Blend Series  Historical FictionFollows two immigrant families through 200 years of descendency.
Alix Thorssen Mystery Series  Mystery.  Alix Thorssen, art dealer and forgery expert helps solve murder.
American Heroes Series      Biographies of Chief Joseph, Amelia Earhart & host of others
Andy Larson Series   Mystery.   North Dakota cop Andy Larson fights bootleg booze, Capone era.
Anne Series    Classic.  Anne of Green Gables series by L. M. Montgomery
Antique Lovers Mystery Series   Mystery.   Ex-FBI Jeff Talbot can't escape crime even though he turns to antique picking.
Apocalypse Journey Series   Fantasy.   On planet Dulunae, a ragged band of teenagers, the Outcasts, search for HayVen.
Appomattox Series   The Rocklin Family experience the intense emotions and spiritual struggles of the Civil War, Christian Fiction.
Ardis Cole Mystery SeriesArdis Cole is an archaeologist (a female Indiana Jones), who uncovers and solves ancient mysteries,
Aaron Tucker SeriesMystery.   Funny, lovable, Aaron Tucker, family man and freelance writer, reluctantly turns investigator.
Ashton Ford Series  Sometimes, he can see the future, Ashton Ford uses powers to make people's lives a lot easier--or harder.
Bear Walker Series   Northwestern.   He was “uncanny”. He was a Pacific Northwest  mountain man, big, gentle and strong.
Belgariad, Series  Best-selling author David Eddings epic fantasy of immense scope set against a history of 7000 years.
Bellamys, The Series Western/Romance. Sultry desert breezes caressed their yearning bodies, neither could deny the ecstasy of desire.
Belles Of Lordsburg Series, The Romance. Lordsburg, New Mexico; a rowdy town full of characters and passion!
Beneath The Burning Ground Series  An epic story of battle over slavery, Kansas Territory, late 1850s.
Big Sigma Series Science Fiction. In a distant future, Trevor "Lex" Alexander was to be the next great race pilot. Adventures begin!
Bill Gastner Series  Best-selling series. Aging UnderSheriff Bill Gastner must face big-city crime invading his New Mexico turf.
Bill Tasker Series  State cop Bill Tasker has had problems in the past, but nothing compared to what's about to happen to him.
Boo Series  Filled with humor, small town charm, and a gentle message of enduring faith.
Braver Man Series   Western.  Hawk Haynes ruled from his heart, but stayed alive by using his instincts.
Brazos Series  Western, Part Civil War.
Bubba Mabry Series   Bubba Mabry a tough, comical private eye.
California Chronicles Series   Romance, strong independent women settling early California and growing orchards.
Captive Series  Adventure Romance, Colonial America and England, capture and escape.
Carl Heller SeriesMystery.  Meet Carl Heller, a maverick son of the modern West, a man you can turn to when your life's in danger.
Carson City Chronicles  Drama. Carson City's spunky and beloved Judith Kingston fights a hurricane of intrigue and innuendo.
Case File Series  Historical Western.  U.S. Marshal J.R. Chance investigates suspected railroad construction fraud.
Casca Series   Action.  Casca is a man who cannot die, does not age, and knows no skills but those of battle.
Cealie Gunther Series   “…humorous dialogue, a suspenseful climax and good character development…” – Publishers Weekly
Celia Landrey Series Mystery. Celia Landrey struggles through a maze of secrets and lies, murder and romance.
Chantalene Series   Mystery.  Chantalene uncovers the dark secrets of both her hometown and her own mind.
Charlie Greene Mystery Series Mystery. Her psychic powers help bring criminals to justice.
Charlie Parker Mystery SeriesFans of Sue Grafton, J.A. Jance, and Sara Peretsky will find Shelton's female sleuth captivating.
Checkmate Series  Futuristic Mystery.  Steele must find the terrorist to prove his innocence.
Chase Dagger Mystery Series   Sci/fi Mystery.  Dagger is a P.I. with an assistant who has mysterious powers.
Cheyenne Trilogy   Romance.  Wyoming Territory, 1869, Kate Murphy's husband dies of Cholera leaving her stranded.
China Bohannon Series Mystery. The 1890's is dangerous, especially if next on someone's murder list. 
Chronicles of Abahrazha TrilogyFantasy. Tobias meets his fate when his crippled ship goes down on the remote planet, Abahrazha.
Code of the West Series    Western.  Follow the adventures of Tap Andrews and Pepper Paige.  Christian Fiction.
COIL Series Christian Fiction. In this age of prophetic strife, spiritual darkness collides with servants of the Cross.
Colonel "Bo" Bottomly Series   Military.  Colonel Heath "Bo" Bottomly tells of his military adventures.
Colton Brothers Series   Western.  Robbed and beaten by outlaws, stagecoach guard James Colton vows justice & revenge.
Contact Series   Sci/fi.   Mutant lab scientists escape Earth and decide to travel to the stars.
Coramonde SeriesFantasy.  A magic spell transports Vietnam fighters to a Fantasy Land.
Copp Series   Mystery.  Joe Copp is an ex-cop, tough, smart, but caring and compassionate.
Cozy Up Series Mystery. These are cozy mysteries with a twist.
Cradleland Chronicles   Fantasy.  A dark power wants complete control of the CradleLand, the birthplace of the still-young world.
Creed Series    Historical Western.  A post Civil War town is held hostage by Northern man dares to fight back.
Crimson Series   Paranormal.   Los Angeles, now Crimson City, has rid itself of demons for eternity. Or so Claudia Donovan believed.
Dan Gordon Series    Intrigue.   Investigating attorney Dan Gordon is working for a unit of the U.S. Department of Justice.
Dani Ross Series   Mystery.   Danielle Ross must abandon her education to take over her ill father’s detective agency.
Darringer Series    Western.   Deputy U.S. Marshal Hank Darringer and Cass Derringer fight crime in the old west.
Daybreak Series  Mystery/Romance. Passion and dramatics surround a couple connected by God.
Derby Man Series   Western.  Darby Buckingham, the portly New York writer, looked like a dude, but he fights like a demon.
Destiny Series    Intrigue.  Colonel Jake Burnes and the French Resistance during WWII.
Dr. Thomas Parks Series  Mystery.  Young Dr. Thomas Parks finds things are not as they appear in Port McKinney, Washington. 
Drew Gavin Series  Mystery.  Sportswriter Drew Gavin must confront shady bookies, powerful business men, creepy killers.
Emerson Ward Series  Mystery. Emerson Ward, Chicago freelance writer and reluctant sleuth.
Emily Kenyon Series   Mystery. Single mother and cop, Emily Kenyon spearheads a dark hunt for a killer.
Endworld Series   Sci/fi.   100 years after a nuclear holocaust annihilated civilization...
Expedition Series   Sci/Fi   In the year 2007, astronauts Jim Parker and Michael Murphy are mysteriously time warped to the past.
Far Kingdoms Series   Fantasy.   The Far Kingdoms...a place of bright sunlight surrounded by dark, deadly wilderness.
Father Mark Townsend Series   Mystery.   A lawyer with questionable ethics lies dead in a Seattle convention center.
Father O'Malley Series   Mystery.   Recovering alcoholic Father John O'Malley, exiled to an Indian mission, solves crimes..
Fe-as-ko Series   Humorous.  The owner of Oregon's largest cattle ranch - the Four Arrows - is shot by his horse...
First Century Christian Heroes Series Christian. Amazing stories about some of the greatest Christian heroes of all time.
Fortunes of the Black Hills Series   Western, Christian.  Brazos Fortune & family search for a new life out west. 
Freddie O'Neal Mystery Series   Mystery.  She’s a gambler and a gumshoe, that's Freddie O’Neal.
Free-Wrench Series Science FictionFollows Nita’s adventures in a steampunk world of airships and lunatics.
From the Files of the BSI Series   Paranormal.  The World At Large has no idea that The World Under exists.
Full Circle Series   Christian Romance
Gammalaw Series Science Fiction. Galactic war was simple . . . win or die!
Garden Mystery Series    Mystery
Genesis Of Oblivion Series   Fantasy.  Award Winner, Named Dragonroots Magazine’s Best New Fantasy Saga of 2009.
Gina Mazzio Series   Mystery.  RN Gina Mazzio
Golden Hawk Series   Western.  Comanches killed his parents kidnapped him and named him, Golden Hawk.
Grace Marsden Series   Mystery.  During the 1940's, a beautiful young woman haunts the halls near the college chapel.
Graham Ranch Legacy Series    Western. 
Great Battles for Boys Series Military History. Takes kids to the front lines of iconic battles.
Gunsmith Series    Time Travel.  Boothenay Irons to her own bewilderment, is possessor of a mysterious power.
Harry Bronson Series   Mystery.  An Agatha Award Finalist for Best Novel. Meet Retired Detective Harry Bronson.
Hawk File Series    Action.   Lane Palmer, "The Hawk", assassin, is feared throughout the world by terrorists.
Hearts True Desire Series    Romance, Christian Fiction
Heist Ladies Series  Mystery. 72-year-old Pen Fitzpatick gathers a group of friends to help catch the crooks.
Hetta Coffey Series    Mystery Romance.  Hetta Coffey a globe-trotting civil engineer with a yacht & adventure in her soul.
High Country Mystery Series, The. Sheriff Jeff McQuede investigates crimes & adventures begin!
Highland Series    Romance.  Mairi of the Isles, a fiercely proud peasant girl who has sworn to save the land.
Hometown Mysteries Series. Will Frankie’s military training and experience be enough to save lives?
Honor's Series    Western Romance.  Abigail Martin is a headstrong young woman who loves frontier life in the Colorado Rockies.
Horsemen Series    Western, Civil War.  The story of the Ballou family's brave struggle to fulfill a dream.
Immortals Series    Paranormal Action Romance.
Iron Tower Trilogy    Fantasy.  Men, Elves, Warrows and Dwarves turn the tide of doom.
Isoms Series    Western saga.  In the late 1800’s the Isoms emerge as a great success story of the old west.
Jake Blake Series    Mystery.  Trooper Jack Blake chases bad guys using bush planes, dog teams and snowshoes.
Jake Adams Series    Intrigue.  Jake Adams, former Air Force Intelligence Officer and CIA Agent.
Jake Hines Mystery Series   Mystery.  Jake Hines, a stubborn detective with a murky past now living outside Minneapolis.
J.D. King Western Series    Western.  Texas Ranger, J. D. King.
J.P. Beaumont Series    Mystery.  EXtremely popular.  Follow Seattle homicide detective J. P. Beaumont.
Jancy Dewhurst Series   Mystery.  Cub reporter Jancy Dewhurst & Agent Jim Wills trail a serial killer.
Joanna Brady Series    Mystery.  No downloads.  Arizona Sheriff Joanna Brady fights crime.
Joe Burgess Series    Mystery.  Portland, ME, Police Detective Joe Burgess.
John Lloyd Branson Series    Mystery.  John Lloyd Branson, the best criminal defense attorney in Texas.
John Whyte Series    Western. John Whyte, Pinkerton detective, Civil War hero and banished son of an English Earl.
Joshua Thornton Mystery Series   Mystery.  Joshua Thornton state prosecutor.
Kerry Chronicles   Sci/Fi.   Devin Kerry, confronts an unexplained global uprising of ten thousand trillion ants, and bees.
Kiahawk Series   Sci/Fi.  Modern action-packed series, shape shifting, time travel, etc.
Kit Carson Series Western. Christopher “Kit” Carson's courage and strength as an Indian fighter earned him respect throughout the West.
Landon Snow Series   Fantasy.  Follow small town boy Landon Snow into a fantasy world.
Leal & Hart Series    Mystery.  Sergeant Frank Leal and his former partner, Olivia “Ollie” Hart solve Cook County crimes.
Lee Nez Series    Paranormal.  Lee Nez, a New Mexico State police officer is a nightwalker, a Navajo vampire.
Legend of Joe Mundy Series   Western, Award Winner.  Nebraska, 1876. The Western frontier needs lawman Joe Mundy.
Left Behind Series (Dramatized) Christian Fiction. Is this the rapture prophesied by scriptures in the Bible from ancient times?
Left Behind Series (Prequel)   Christian Fiction.  All time Best selling series.  Millions of people disappear.  Is this the Rapture?
Leigh Girard Series   Mystery.  Leigh Girard, she is an investigative reporter for a small town newspaper.
Lensman Series    Masterful Sci/fi by E. E. "Doc" Smith the father of science fiction books.
Little Britches series    Non-Fiction. Young Ralph Moody chronicles his life, starting in 1906. 
Logan Hammersmith Series    Fantasy.
Longhorn Series    Western.  Buck Cordell builds a Texas cattle empire that defies all odds,
Maisy Malone Series, A Mystery. Maisy Malone went to Hollywood to become a star. Instead she became a sleuth, not by choice.
Man Killer Series    Western.  Martin Keller, "Man Killer", stalks the men who murdered his family.
Maxx Maxwell Series    Mystery.   When Jimmy’s death is ruled suicide, Maxx resolves to go sleuthing on her own.
Malloreon Series    Best-Selling Fantasy by David Eddings.
Mars Series    Sci/Fi.  John Carter on Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Matrix of Destiny Series    Paranormal Romance.  The last thing Deana Jones needs is to find an alien in her living room.
McKenna Chronicles    Sci/ Fi.  In the year 2453 the world has a population primarily of females.
Meadowlark Series    Western Romance.
Medicine Wagon Series    Western.  If you liked "THE FUGITVE",  you'll like this story.
Megan Clark Series Mystery. Megan enlists the discussion group in a risky plan to catch a killer.
Merlin Fanshaw Series    Western, Award Winner.  Follow Merlin Fanshaw, the Bodacious Kid, as he deals with gold, greed, and gunfire.
Monona Quinn Series    Mystery.  Monona Quinn, editor of the weekly Mitchell Doings finds herself investigating crimes.
Mucker Series Adventure/Classic. He fought his way out of the worst of Chicago's slums.
Natalie Camfield Series    Marvelous Romance, you will like these stories.
Nate Lawton's War of 1812 Series    Nate accepts Commodore Perry's challenge "Don't Give Up The Ship!"
Nathan T. Riggins Western Adventures Nathan  faces one danger after another
New Orleans Legacy Series     Mystery Romance in the Bayou.

Nickel Hill Series Historical. In 1900 a steadfast & feisty young woman, Jocelyn Belle Royal has her mettle tested to the limit.

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