Posadas County, New Mexico, is home to aging Undersheriff, William C. Gastner, pushing sixty, and the considerable girth of his uniform belt. He has no other life than law enforcement with retirement looming inevitably near. Gastner’s routine is shattered by a tragic accident claiming the lives of several teenagers. The ensuing investigation launches an even bigger controversy with the discovery of a large stash of cocaine. The Sheriff’s Department and Gastner must face big-city crime invading their turf. Violence explodes as the investigation deepens, taking the life of an undercover officer. The department seems ill-equipped to handle crime of this scale, and it falls into the lap of one William C. Gastner. Ultimately he  must pilot the case to its final end, if his ailing heart, and portly body will only last that long...

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 DOWNLOAD ISBN: 1-58116-382-7

Read by Rusty Nelson
Approx. 7.7 Hrs.
Rated PG

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HEARTSHOT, download, by Steven F. Havill, (Bill Gastner Series, Book 1), Read by Rusty Nelson

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