We were dancing, my client and I. But it was much more than just a dance. It was like doing the fox trot and getting your pants pressed at the same time -- or an anatomy lesson in four-four rhythm. I believe in the personal touch when it comes to a client -- and man, oh man, this was one time I meant to put my theory into practice. I'm Shell Scott, a private investigator with 20-20 vision, particularly when I have a 36-22-36 assignment. This assignment was a chaste girl who was being chased -- by me. And I was being chased, too, by an unfriendly hired gun who wanted to make me a headline on the obituary page. Gangdom's funeral directors had decided I was going to be their next client.

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DOWNLOAD  ISBN: 1-58116-917-5

Read by Heath Kizzier
Approx. 7.4 Hrs.
Rated R

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OVER HER DEAR BODY, download, by Richard S. Prather, (Shell Scott Series, Book 15), Read by Heath Kizzier

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